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About WE17

Welcome to WE17—the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering and technology. Brought to you by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), WE17 will give you inspiring and invaluable ways to connect, discover career opportunities and pursue professional development.

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Always Connecting Always Engineering - WE17

What is the Dress Code?

The general dress code for WE17 is business or business casual for sessions, and business for the Career Fair job seekers. Best rule of thumb for the Career Fair? If it’s something you would wear for an evening out, don’t wear it to the Career Fair.

Tours are generally business casual or casual, but note that most technical tours require slacks, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toe shoes. Pick garments that are multi-use (i.e., black pencil skirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets).


  • Dress Code: The WE17 dress code ranges from business casual to professional. If you are attending the career fair as a jobseeker, you may want to pair your skirt or pair of slacks with a professional blouse and blazer.

  • When attending sessions, we recommend dress slacks or khaki pants, neatly pressed, with a matching blouse or long-sleeved, buttoned solid shirt, sweater, or blazer.

  • Shoes should be clean/polished.

  • Awards Banquet attendees usually dress in business formal or formal.

  • Celebrate SWE will be your place to shine! Beautiful dresses, makeup and hair accessories are always welcome on our WE17 “red carpet”.

What Equipment and Supplies Should I Bring?

  • Laptop for personal use if you require one. (Note that most presentation rooms have laptops for our speakers).
  • Cell phone/tablet to download the mobile app (available in August), play our mobile app game and complete surveys.
  • Note paper and pen for taking hand-written notes at sessions.
  • Business cards and resume copies—especially if you are job seeking.
  • An “all-purpose” bag for any extras you may pack.
  • First aid supplies, aspirin and a sewing kit.
  • Any other supplies that you normally use at home and would provide comfort while traveling.

Special Meal, Mobility and Other Assistance

SWE will provide special meals at the evening paid meal functions, limited to vendor availability and notice through registration pre-conference. There is a section on the registration form where you can list any severe dietary concern, mobility issue, or ADA concern and we will assist you upon receipt. You may also contact conferencemanager@swe.org with specific questions or concerns.

How do I Register? What Else Should I Know?

  • Click to register (coming soon!)
  • Click for travel information
  • Click for scheduling information (coming soon!)
  • Click here for updated exhibitor information (coming soon!)
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Come join a global gathering in Austin of more than 10,000 women at all stages of their engineering careers.

Collegiates will find internships, that all-important first job, new friends, mentors and life-skills not earned in lecture halls. Professionals will rekindle old friendships and make new ones, find new ways to approach their current job or discover a whole-new path. All will find their experience incredible.

For participating organizations, WE17 will help you find new talent, provide professional development to current employees and support women in engineering and technology.

Your investment in these few days will have a demonstrable short- and long-term impact on your personal and organizational growth.

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WE17 is one of the largest and most prestigious conferences for women in engineering and technology. This year we are Always Connecting... Always Engineering. 



SWE lays the groundwork for a successful career in engineering and technology. No matter how close you are to your degree, SWE makes sure you are always connected to success.

*On or before September 25, 2017



WE17 is the premier event to network with a diverse group of engineering and technology professionals. It’s also your opportunity to stay connected and advance your skills. Click here.

*On or before September 25, 2017



Attending WE17 is a great way to experience the value and support you get from a SWE membership. At WE17, we are always engineering! If you are a non-member and want to see what that’s like, click here.

*On or before September 25, 2017

NOTE: Registration will open in May 2017



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