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Don’t Miss The Mrs at WE17!

All-female rock band to play after Celebrate SWE!

All-female rock band to play after Celebrate SWE!

Catch Austin’s all-female rock band, The Mrs playing at WE17 on Saturday, October 28. The show starts at 9:20 pm after Celebrate SWE! at the Austin Convention Center, Ballroom ABC. The concert is free but you must be registered for the conference. Learn more about the band by listening to their podcast with FY18 SWE President Jonna Gerken.

If you like the Go-Go's and Wilson Phillips, you’ll love The Mrs. Their first album "Enough" was released in 2014, and their new self-titled album debuted earlier this year. The Mrs features Andra Liemandt on drums, Jenny Mason on bass guitar, Larissa Ness on keyboard & vocals, as well as Mandy Prater on guitar & vocals.

We can't wait to hear more from them in Austin!