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Exhibitor Media Toolkit

The WE17 Career Fair will connect you with the world’s top talent in the engineering and technology. And, it will bring your company’s products and services to the attention of more than 10,000 women engineers and technologists.

Our Exhibitor Media Toolkit is a convenient way to promote your company’s presence at the WE17 Career Fair and share the many benefits of being a WE17 exhibitor with your clients, contacts and potential recruits.

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WE17 Logos

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Colors & Fonts

WE17 Color Codes and Brand Fonts

Use the CMYK code values for all printed materials and the RGB and HEX code values for on-screen and web related usage. Use the chosen brand font, as allowed, for all print and web related materials.

Download the WE17 Color Codes and Brand Fonts PDF

Web Banners

Web Banners

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Email Copy

Promotional Email Copy

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Social Media

Social Media Tips

As soon as you lock down your Career Fair space, start promoting your presence at WE17 conference on social media! Society of Women Engineers – SWE uses social media to promote WE17. Exhibitors and sponsors are welcome to participate on all of the major social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat (username: SWEorg) to help attract participants to their booths during the conference!

Before WE17...

‘Like’ SWE’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SWEorg) to share what you have to offer at the conference and Career Fair—you would be surprised at how many of your fans are individuals looking for a way in to your organization. Plus, if your Facebook page is regularly updated, these individuals will be some of the most informed candidates out there!•TIP: Don’t forget to tag! Tagging by typing this formula directly into the post: @ + name of

  • TIP: Don’t forget to tag! Tagging by typing this formula directly into the post: @ + name of the organization. No spaces.
    • TIP: Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ posts to your company Facebook page. Like & Share content that is related to #WE17 as well as your business/brand.
    • TIP: Be active! You’ll be surprised at how many users will search you on Facebook … it’s important for them to see you’ve been active leading up to the conference as well as during.

In most every Tweet you send out, as it relates to your company participating at WE17, use the conference hashtag #WE17 every time 160-characters will allow! This will let anyone searching for WE17 information to find your Tweet! And, if you use this hashtag, other WE17 attendees will be more likely to Retweet (RT) your Tweet. Let our attendees know who you are and what you will look for at the conference…

  • TIP: Use a hashtag in most every Tweet you send out. Whether it be #WE17 (always a good idea to at least include this one!) or something more specific to your business/brand.
    • Recommended Hashtags:
      • #WE17
      • #BeThatEngineer
      • #ilooklikeanengineer
  • TIP: RETWEET & FAVORITE! You want others to Retweet your Tweets—so help them out too! Retweet other relevant Tweets to start building relationships on Twitter. If you’re not grooving on the RT, make sure to ‘Favorite’ relevant Tweets related to the conference.
  • TIP: Be sure to tag @SWEtalk in any lead-up promotional Tweets and during the conference. As long as that 160-character limit allows.
  • TIP: It may also be a good tactic to gather the handles (ex: @SoAndSo) of those folks who show interest in your business, to Tweet at them later. For example: “It was so nice meeting you @SoAndSo at #WE17. Looking forward to next steps.”
  • TIP: Be active! You’ll be surprised at how many users will search you on Twitter … it’s important for them to see you’ve been active leading up to the conference as well as during.

Let us see the inner workings of your organization with Instagram! Attendees love the behind-the-scenes look at organizations they may wish to work with or for. Take shots of your booth creation, your team traveling to the event or promotional items you’re creating for the event.

  • TIP: Tag @SWEtalk in your photos and include the #WE17 hashtag in your caption. This way, we can connect with you online and so can our SWE members!
  • TIP: Instagram does best when photos and content shared have a consistent variety… which means, every photo posted isn’t quite the same, however, they’re all related. General Participation & Social Media Event Prep
  • Join WE17’s Lead-Up Tweetchats at noon CT the three Fridays before the conference. This is a great way to connect with members before the conference and lend your expertise, as well as participate in the conversation online.
  • Use #AskSWE during your Tweets when you join the Tweetchat. This is how you stay part of the conversation and allow members to discover you online.

During #WE17

  • Check all of your social networks regularly throughout the conference. There may be attendees asking questions or starting discussions that you will want to address.
  • Continue using the official hashtag, #WE17 on all social channels. Doing so may increase your chances of seeing more traffic at your booth. Each time you use the hashtag, more people will see your company’s name. We’ll be sharing, RT-ing and Favoriting as much of your content as we can to help support this initiative, too!
  • If you think you will be tweeting a lot from the conference, set up a Twitter feed on your company’s website. It will be one of the first things visitors to your website see.
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words, so be sure to snap a few and attach them to the posts on social media. For example: show your team having fun and meeting with #WE17 attendees so people will want to visit your booth.
  • Promote your giveaways via social media and use #WE17 in the communications to reach more readers. An on-site a Twitter wall will display Tweets containing this hashtag to help you deliver your message to more on-site attendees.
  • Keep your blog subscribers up to date on what’s been going on at #WE17. Post a special on-site report each day you are at the Career Fair, and let others know what you have seen. If your company has attendees at the conference, let them guest blog about their experiences! Just because your blog readers aren’t there this year, doesn’t mean they won’t check you out at another time—these reports may get them interested in learning more.
  • Is your company a sponsor as well? Record the audio of your spokesperson, interview him/her and post it later on social media and your website as a podcast.

After #WE17 …

  •  You can still use the official hashtag after #WE17. Use it to continue getting traction on Twitter and let your followers know how the Career Fair went. How many leads did you get? Do you still have positions available? Let them know.
  • Write a post-conference report and detail your experiences at #WE17. Post it on your company’s blog and link to it from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and post to SWE’s social media sites so our members know to look for your company next year. We’d love to hear more about your experiences – e-mail you blog posts to media@swe.org or Tweet a link to @SWETalk so we can share it with our members.