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Exhibitor and Attendee Contact Info

SWE and Experient have never and will never share WE Conference attendee or exhibitor contact information with any third party for sales or any purposes. If you are contacted by someone claiming to have access to said information please disregard and block. This is a spam solicitation and should not be engaged with in any way.

SWE and its conference production partners invest in and implement leading edge protection systems to both protect and provide notification of security concerns. Additionally, SWE's registration provider Experient is assessed each year for their compliance with the PCI DSS (the data security standard established by the payment card brands) by a third party assessor qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council. The data security aspects of the DSS are implemented for all customer data, not just credit card data. SWE vendors also contract with qualified third parties to conduct penetration tests and perform routine vulnerability scans to evaluate the effectiveness of its security controls.

Experient continuously monitors its systems for indicators of compromise and no anomalous behavior has been discovered. As part of its information security policy, Experient maintains a formal incident response plan that describes required notifications in the unlikely event of a confirmed system breach. To date, no known compromises have occurred and Experient has the highest confidence in the secure protection of the valuable data of its customers.

It is noteworthy that both attendee and exhibitor data does exist in many different locations outside of the official WE17 registration company, Experient. To name a few, this data exists within the customer's environment, is shared with a plethora of vendors at the customer's direction, and to varying extent exists on websites (such as exhibitor lists). Scamming and poaching criminal organizations have become far more sophisticated with their own research and collection of data so as to convincingly present themselves as an official data provider.

We thank registrants, exhibitors, and sponsors for their continued cooperation.

For questions, please contact conferencemanager@swe.org.